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What I have in mind is possibly a little cliche/easy but I think it will be a good reintroduction to modernday gaming.I think going a semiclassic route can bridge some learning gaps. Using suggestive dialog from GM(” if you have arrows,you might want to try that”,or “looks like magic could help…)to keep players dialed in, as well as making it user friendly for acting gm. Directions(“have player roll…”,)dialog suggestions to make it colorful etc .Honestly ,I need the guide Im trying to make but I have only found this site just now.Let me know if you want to help/be a resource for this project. The scenario I was thinking was along the lines ofbeing plunged back into a world of weapons and magic through (insert method and all applicable cheesy Cliches), it is the world of your birth,you need to quest to somehow prove/regain your birthright(first cool treasure drop) and in doing do you are reminded/le arn how rpgswork today.Noobware.

Second Birth